Corporate Instruction Wellness Program (CIWP)

STEPS dance Studio created CIWP to offer comprehensive dance instruction classes for professional individuals to incorporate into their work day.  The studio is offering a wide range of dance styles such as; Hip- Hop, Bollywood, Salsa, Zumba, Contemporary and many other modern styles.  These classes can be held at STEPS dance studio or for greater convenience can be held for the corporate employees at their office on work premises.

This program is inspired by evidence-based, empirical research which shows that individuals who participate in learning dance not only enhance their teamwork skills. But, they also improve their physical fitness, energy, coordination, self-esteem and confidence. Learning Dance is also a proven stress reduction practice which will enhance employee’s performance and productivity during the work day and afterward.

Upon request, STEPS dance studio also teaches theme-based dance choreography for competitions held at work premises in accordance with the corporate schedules. The studio also offers a wide range of services including lights, sound, stage, and costume judging, and a bit of a competition and selection procedures. Additionally, the studio will offer regular classes and short or long-term dance workshops ranging from a one day session to weekly and monthly based sessions.

Please note the following list of some of our most recent corporate clients: Microsoft, HCL, Tata Teleservices, US Consulate, Infosys, CA, Deloitte, Alliance Francis, Airtel and Nalsar Law University. 

The list is growing. Why not join us and increase the productivity of your organization while improving the wellness of your employees!


Dance training at MCRHRD for I.A.S , I.P.S Cadres