The Dance Outreach Program “DOP” is designed for students who are interested in learning dance but, who are not able to travel to the STEPS Dance Studio to receive the instruction. With this in mind, Prithviraj created the Dance Outreach Program that more students will have access to dance instructions and education from an internationally and classically trained teacher without compromising on their education.

This program will be implemented and integrated into the regular school curriculum and supported by both the educational institution, STEPS Dance Studio and the families. The DOP will be comprised of a syllabus that includes education and instruction on numerous dance styles; Ballet, Jazz and Hip Hop, and the coursework will be designed to help students master the key elements of music, flexibility, strength and teamwork.

Duration of DOP is 8months, Students as 8+ eligible for this program. On completing the course students will receive a certificate of mastery and completion form STEPS Dance School. Parents are instructed to inquire about the STEPS Dance Studio – “DOP” with the principal at their children’s school to determine if it is available and if the DOP can be incorporated into their children’s after-school activity curriculum.